Retaining HFLC

How to Retain HFLC

Thank you for entrusting your Family Law matter to Hills Family Law Centre. In order to retain our firm, we require you to take two steps.

Trust Deposit

Unless otherwise instructed during your Initial Consultation, we require a $3,000 retainer paid to our Trust Account. This is explained in detail within our Costs Agreement, however in simplest form, these funds remain in trust on your behalf until the conclusion of your matter, where they are applied to your final invoice, and any balance remaining is refunded to you.

Our payment details for this deposit are within our Costs Agreement.

Costs Agreement

A physical copy of our Costs Agreement, plus related brochures and resources would have been provided to you at your Initial Consultation. You can view and sign this Costs Agreement electronically by clicking here.

What Happens Next?

Once we have received your signed Costs Agreement, plus Trust deposit, our office will open a file for you, and send you a confirmation of this via email. It will also include the direct contact details for the solicitor responsible for your matter (this will be the solicitor that conducted your Initial Consultation).

The solicitor will also be notified, and will reach out to you to obtain updated instructions, and begin work to resolve your matter.



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