Initial Consult FAQ

Initial Consultation FAQ

The below information is designed to help you understand what to expect at an Initial Consultation, and the things you can consider in order to make your time as productive and informative as possible. 

Is an Initial Consultation right for Me?

An Initial Consultation is a 100% Confidential and No-Obligation session for you to be able to sit down with a solicitor and discuss any questions you may have relating to Family Law, for approximately one hour. Following this consultation, there is no obligation to proceed with anything whatsoever, and the entire session is confidential from start to finish.

This is the perfect place to start if you have questions or concerns surrounding any Family Law topics, including Divorce / Separation, Parenting and Children's matters (eg child support, custody, etc), Property Settlement (eg division of any real estate, shares, motor vehicles, bank accounts, superannuation, etc) or even Binding Financial Agreements (commonly referred to as Prenup's) prior to engaging in a relationship. 

In short - it's a confidential session to understand your rights, obligations and responsibilities under the Family Law Act. 

I wouldn't know what questions to ask!

That's fine. Our team practice exclusively in Family Law, and it's our job in the Initial Consultation to not only address any questions you may have, but ensure that you are appropriately informed on all of the relevant areas pertaining to your matter. 

We have a run sheet for our Initial Consultations to ensure that we address all relevant areas for you during that consultation, and that we answer now only the questions you have, but inform you of all relevant information to consider. 

What should I bring? 

You're not required to being anything at all! We are able to discuss all aspects of your Family Law matter using ballpark information surrounding income, asset values, etc and provide you with a range of percentages that you can later apply to actual figures if needed. 

That said, in come cases clients wish to bring specific documents to discuss or work through. These may include; 

  • Any letters or formal correspondence from an ex-partner or their legal representative 
  • Any court orders or other documents if applicable
  • Details of income (eg Salary information)
  • Details of any assets and liabilities (eg bank balances, mortgage balances, property values, etc)

What happens after the Initial Consultation?

During the Initial Consultation we will ensure that you are fully educated on the options and avenues available going forward. We will also outline the areas that you may be able to progress your matter yourself, and the ways we may be able to assist you - including costs estimates for this work based on different scenarios. 

Following your consultation, there is no obligation to proceed any further. We will ensure you are fully educated on the avenues available to you going forward, what items you are able to action yourself, and how we may be able to help you. 

From there - it's entirely up to you as to if you proceed with any of the advice rendered, and how you choose to do so. 



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