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Multi generation family

Financial Agreements are written documents made with the consent of both parties to a relationship.  A Financial Agreement can be made before, during or even after a marriage or de facto relationship has ended.

In short, a Binding Financial Agreement formalises an agreement that you and your partner have reached in relation to the division of your property and financial resources.

Private Child Support Agreements

Child Support Agreements allow parties to formalise their own agreements regarding what they deem to be appropriate maintenance arrangements for their child or children, including the amount of child support to be paid, and how those payments are to be made. 

Spousal Maintenance Agreements

Following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, one party may be liable to financially maintain the other party for a period of time, provided they have the financial means to do so and in circumstances where the other is unable to sufficiently support themselves. 

With respect to any type of Binding Financial Agreement, both parties to the agreement must obtain their own independent legal advice before entering into the agreement.

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