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Property Division in Family Law

How are property division matters handled and is superannuation included?

When it comes to a breakdown of a relationship and the subsequent division of property that follows, the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) (“FLA”) enables the Court to make a property division order. The Court currently uses a ‘3-4 step’ process when dealing with the distribution of property. A common question that our clients have is whether superannuation is included in the property pool. Superannuation is definitely included in the property pool, though some parties may be content for each party to retain their own superannuation interests.

Finding the Will...

The importance of making a Will should not be underestimated. While we all live very busy lives and seem to become more and more time poor as the days go by, we must make a concerted effort to prioritise the things that really matter – and making a Will should certainly be a priority for all of us!

What About Me?

When a family is divided by the breakdown of a parental relationship - How do the decisions we make as parents affect our children?

Following on from my earlier article ‘Navigating the Legal Minefield when your relationship ends’, I think it is fair to say that the emotional aspects of the breakdown of a relationship often have parents losing track of what is actually best for their children.